Jackie Framm
Jackie Framm
Vital Statistics
Species Human
Gender Female
Other Statistics
Affiliation Fernfield Napkin Factory
Family Andrew Framm (first husband, deceased);
Josh Framm (son);
Andrea Framm (daughter);
Patrick Sullivan (second husband);
Noah Sullivan (son)
Production Details
First appearance Air Bud
Played by Wendy Makkena[1]
Cynthia Stevenson[2][3][4]
Chilton Crane[5]

Jackie Framm is Josh and Andrea's mother, from her first marriage to Andrew Framm. At some point after he died, she remarried to Dr. Patrick Sullivan. and they had a son called Noah.


Total appearances: 7.


  • Jackie was played by three different actresses.
  • It's unclear if she took Patrick's name after marrying him, or she became Framm-Sullivan. The film just continues to credit her as Jackie Framm, and the Buddies films go even further to twist contradict things by referring to Patrick and Noah as Framms.