Air Bud: Golden Receiver
Golden Receiver title card
Air Bud
Film # 2
Release date August 14, 1998
Starring Kevin Zegers
Cynthia Stevenson
Gregory Harrison
Nora Dunn
Perry Anzilotti
Robert Costanzo
Written by Paul Tamasay
Aaron Mendelsohn
Directed by Richard Martin
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Air Bud: Golden Receiver is a 1998 family comedy film released by Walt Disney Pictures.

It is the first in a line of sequels to the original Air Bud film. In the United States, it was given a theatrical release, with the following sequels being given direct-to-video releases.


Josh tries out for the football team when his mom gets close to her new boyfriend. It's not long before he discovers Buddy's hidden new talent.


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Main characters:

Supporting characters:


Other characters:



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Kevin Zegers Josh Framm
Cynthia Stevenson Jackie Framm
Gregory Harrison Patrick Sullivan
Nora Dunn Natalya
Perry Anzilotti Popov
Robert Costanzo Coach Jimmy Fanelli
Shayn Solberg Tom Stewart
Suzanne Ristic Ms. Salter
Alyson MacLaren Andrea Framm
Blue Edwards Himself
Tyler Thompson Oliver
Rhys Williams Goose
Shahri Khademi Juan
Jason Anderson Weeble
Myles Ferguson J.D.
Cory Fry Cole Powers
Jeff Gulka Pudge
Marcus Turner Tacoma Giants quarterback
Jay Brazeau
Frank C. Turner
Mark Brandon Richard
Jaida Hay Tammy
Richard Martin Guy in stands
Doreen Esary Receptionist
Julio Caravetta Tacoma Giants coach
David Lewis Herb
Monica Marko Lady with broom
Scott Ateah Official
Ritch Renaud Photographer
Barry MacDonald Sportscaster
Simon Isherwood Rams coach
John Keelan Ice cream boy
Tim Conway Fred Davies
Dick Martin Phil Phil
Warren Moon Himself
Joey Galloway Himself


Song Credits Performed by
"One Moment" Music and lyrics by Brahm Wenger Melinda Myers


  • Being an immediate sequel to the original, there's nothing much that needs connecting, although there are certain notable references:
    • Tom alludes to Patrick about Buddy being a basketball player, which he thinks is a joke.
    • The Framms came to Fernfield because of the napkin factory job Jackie got in the previous film.
    • Patrick likes pudding cups, which was what Josh used to first get close to Buddy with.


  • This is the first film not have Buddy, the dog actor, playing his character, as he passed away between films.
  • Rush and Chase, two of the dogs who play Buddy, were stand-ins for the real Buddy in the previous film.
  • Richard Martin, the director of this film, was second unit director of the previous film.
  • Having the principal in this film be called Ms. Salter indirectly references Ms. Pepper, the principal in the previous film.
  • Martin's father, Dick Martin, plays Phil Phil.
  • Before the animals break free, Popov watches Gus, a 1976 Disney film, with a fairly similar theme. It also stars Tim Conway and Don Knotts (although they don't share any scenes together).

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